Multi-Functional Play Equipment

Playgrounds are so much more than what the name suggests. They are a space of inspiration, a buzzing hub of happiness and development, where children can engage in physical and imaginative play alike. Our vast collection of multi-functional play equipment comprises of carefully designed gear which encourages healthy social interaction among children, while assisting in developing strength and coordination. We feature a comprehensive range of modular play units, from simple to complex, in all dimensions, which invite kids to play, climb, crawl, and slide. What you see in this page is the culmination of years of researching and vigorous testing, which has resulted in an exciting portfolio of safe equipment, accredited in its entirety with the European safety standard for children’s playground equipment (EN1177). Our play equipment has been making children happy in parks, kindergartens, schools, shopping centers and playgrounds for years. So, let’s create together the perfect playground experience for our children.