Sheet Vinyl

The one to rule them all: Perhaps the most practical, versatile, reliable and cost-effective flooring solution available in the market today. Vinyl is nothing short of the ultimate material, for almost every imaginable floor covering need. We have the perfect sheet vinyl flooring options to match a horde of locations, from medical facilities, factories, schools, hotels, shops and restaurants, to residential areas alike. Sheet Vinyl is the ideal choice for these challenging areas, with options available for health care (operation and patient rooms, hospital corridors), professional areas (offices, computer rooms) and wet areas (baths, saunas, changing rooms), to name but a few. Sheet Vinyl has excellent antistatic, shock-absorbing and acoustic qualities which deems it as the perfect choice for playgrounds, kindergartens and sports areas such as athletic halls and gyms. Furthermore, the anti-scratch and slip-resistant features designate it as the go-to option for professional kitchens. This plethora of vinyl uses combined with the numerous stylish options available, makes for a truly outstanding flooring experience.