Wood Wool panels

Wood wool is the quintessential choice for the environmentally conscious customer, who does not nevertheless settle for anything less than the aesthetically awe-inspiring. All-natural and fully recyclable, wood wool panels bring nature inside, delivering an outstanding amalgamation of versatile, acoustic and resilient characteristics, paired with great value-for-money. Especially suitable for covering ceilings or walls in large-scale, high-traffic spaces such as gyms, offices, supermarkets and entertainment venues, wood wool’s sound absorbing qualities reduce background noises to a great extent, while its fire-resistant abilities increase safety levels. At the same time, the different design patterns and color variations available, create a relaxing and warm, yet stimulating décor and a setting in which people can thrive. Wood wool’s natural components and sustainability are a clear nod to eco-consciousness, while still delivering that distinctly unique look, unlike anything else out there.