Contract Wallcoverings

If you are in the market for the ideal protective covering for a highly demanding space, look no further than our contract wallcoverings, for a high-performance wall solution of the uppermost quality. Ideal for healthcare and other high-traffic areas such as hotels, cafés, restaurants and corporate lobbies, our contract wallcovering options protect walls against high velocity impacts, fire, shocks, scratches, stains and chemical or liquid spills. Flexible, easy to install, low-maintenance, hygienic and easy to clean and repair, wallcoverings are guaranteed to increase the level of safety and wellbeing in any professional surrounding. Made from high-quality materials, our wallcoverings meet the most rigorous safety requirements while, at the same time, they can be customized to the client’s unique specifications, from concept to finished product, offering print-to-measure of any design you may have in mind, using cutting-edge printing technology.