For those who love the great outdoors and want to fully experience those days (or nights!) next to the BBQ by the pool, our decking options can add a splash of luxury and class to any open-air space. Decking is robust, resistant to external agents, eco-friendly and virtually maintenance-free, guaranteed to effortlessly pass the test of time. Upgrade your veranda, terrace, patio or poolside area with our decking boards’ natural feel in an instant, and elevate any outdoor space to your own, personal piece of outdoor paradise. The combined use of polymers and natural wood ensures the absence of splinters, allowing you and your loved ones to walk barefoot on the deck for years to come. Without sacrificing the visual aesthetics of natural wood, the end product features all the attributes we love: luxury, beauty and durability. Inextricably intertwined with the beauty of the surrounding nature, ELNIA's decking emanates a classy ambience, perfectly reflecting your most relaxing self.