When it comes to home renovation you need to think beautiful, practical and durable. For a real wood floor with a design-led approach, Viva provides a range of veneer flooring in 8.5mm thickness with an ergonomic locking system. Treated with either a matte or semi-gloss finish to protect each plank's distinctive grain and structure.

Viva 7828001<br>(Oak 3-strip)

Viva 7828001
(Oak 3-strip)

Viva 7828002<br>(Oak Nature 3-strip)

Viva 7828002
(Oak Nature 3-strip)

Viva 7828009 7831002 7831003<br>(Oak 1-strip)

Viva 7828009 7831002 7831003
(Oak 1-strip)

Viva 7828012<br>(Oak Off white 1-strip)

Viva 7828012
(Oak Off white 1-strip)

Viva 7828013<br>(Oak White 1-strip)

Viva 7828013
(Oak White 1-strip)

Viva 7828014<br>(Oak Grey 1-strip)

Viva 7828014
(Oak Grey 1-strip)

Viva 7829002<br> (Oak White 2-strip)

Viva 7829002
(Oak White 2-strip)

Viva 8581002<br>(Walnut 3-strip)

Viva 8581002
(Walnut 3-strip)

Viva 8582002<br>(Walnut 1-strip)

Viva 8582002
(Walnut 1-strip)

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