Polystyrene Skirtings

Wallstyl CF1

Wallstyl CF2

Wallstyl CF2S

Wallstyl CF3

Wallstyl FB1

Wallstyl FB1F

Wallstyl FB2

Wallstyl FB2F

Wallstyl FD1

Wallstyl FD11

Wallstyl FD15

Wallstyl FD15S

Wallstyl FD2

Wallstyl FD20

Wallstyl FD21

Wallstyl FD22

Wallstyl FD2S

Wallstyl FD3

Wallstyl FD7

Wallstyl FL1

Wallstyl FL1 Flex

Wallstyl FL17

Wallstyl FL2

Wallstyl FL2 Flex

Wallstyl FL3

Wallstyl FL4

Wallstyl FL5

Wallstyl FL6

Wallstyl FL9

Wallstyl FO1

Wallstyl FO2

Wallstyl FT1

Wallstyl FT1F

Wallstyl FT2

Wallstyl FT2F

NOËL & MARQUET skirtings are suitable for all interiors and constitute indispensable design elements!

Particularly shock and water proof as well as resistant to moisture, they are just perfect for the bathroom. They are paintable and thus the ideal combination for every floor covering.


  • Ideal in combination with every type of flooring
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Made of high-quality polystyrene, 100% recyclable
  • Primed and ready for painting
  • Sufficient space for concealing cables