Extremely suitable for heavy duty commercial areas, linoleum has been in production for more than a century using fully sustainable resources, making it the ideal solution for the environmentally-aware customer. Linoleum is 100% ecological, created using eco-friendly and renewable materials (linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, resin and jute), yielding an effortless, natural-looking feel and design. Requiring little maintenance, linoleum is rugged but smooth in texture, durable but cost-efficient at the same time. With its antistatic properties and features, high resistance to abrasion, chemical spills, stains and scratches, it is no wonder that linoleum is considered to be a long-lasting and sustainable flooring solution. As such, it is particularly suitable for areas in need of static and noise control, such as server rooms, spaces with telecommunications and/or electronic equipment, education, and industrial environments.