A sophisticated and naturally worn look. As if Prestige planks had been left outdoors to be worn by wind and weather

Prestige celebrates nature’s creation and wood’s intrinsic strength and power to stand the test of time. Careful brushing enhances the structure and patina of the wood, as though it had been weathered by sun, sand and wind. The effect is a smooth and rustic appearance– like an old wooden bench left on a windswept promenade by the ocean, season after season.

Prestige 7870058<br>(Oak Sand)

Prestige 7870058
(Oak Sand)

Prestige 7877048<br>(Oak)

Prestige 7877048

Prestige 7877046 7877052<br>(Oak White Sand)

Prestige 7877046 7877052
(Oak White Sand)

Prestige 7877055<br>(Oak Graphite)

Prestige 7877055
(Oak Graphite)

Prestige 7967018<br>(Ash Seashell)

Prestige 7967018
(Ash Seashell)

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