Nature at it’s best, enhanced for an ever-lasting style

A collection that’s rooted in quality, tradition and durability. In Pure we celebrate the authentic designs of Mother Nature, enhancing and preserving the unique character of each plank for flooring that will never go out of style.

Pure 7867005<br>(Pure Oak Rustic TreS)

Pure 7867005
(Pure Oak Rustic TreS)

Pure 7869015 7869017 7870038<br>(Oak Nature TreS)

Pure 7869015 7869017 7870038
(Oak Nature TreS)

Pure 7870024<br>(Oak Select TreS)

Pure 7870024
(Oak Select TreS)

Pure 7870061<br>(Oak Nature TreS brushed)

Pure 7870061
(Oak Nature TreS brushed)

Pure 7876001 7876036 7878002<br>(Oak Nature Plank)

Pure 7876001 7876036 7878002
(Oak Nature Plank)

Pure 7876018<br>(Oak Antique Plank)

Pure 7876018
(Oak Antique Plank)

Pure 7876079 7876080 7876030<br>(Oak Rustic Plank)

Pure 7876079 7876080 7876030
(Oak Rustic Plank)

Pure 7877027<br>Oak Nature Plank XT)

Pure 7877027
Oak Nature Plank XT)

Pure 7930003<br>(Beech Nature TreS)

Pure 7930003
(Beech Nature TreS)

Pure 7965005 7965008<br>(Ash Nature TreS)

Pure 7965005 7965008
(Ash Nature TreS)

Pure 8517003<br>(Maple Nature TreS)

Pure 8517003
(Maple Nature TreS)

Pure 8540002<br>(Birch TreS)

Pure 8540002
(Birch TreS)

Pure 8577007 8577008<br>(Walnut TreS)

Pure 8577007 8577008
(Walnut TreS)

Pure 8727002<br>(Oak Nature DuoPlank)

Pure 8727002
(Oak Nature DuoPlank)

Pure 8727003<br>(Pure Oak Rustic DuoPlank)

Pure 8727003
(Pure Oak Rustic DuoPlank)

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