A collection of fashionable, functional and durable wood flooring in a wide palette of colour shades

Shade is an elegant selection offering the warmth of wood through soft and natural colours for a cosy living environment. Explore the colour nuances and their ambience to see how they can bring out the best in your interior decoration.

Shade 41011002<br>(Ash Melange DuoPlank)

Shade 41011002
(Ash Melange DuoPlank)

Shade 7870030<br>(Oak Cream White treS)

Shade 7870030
(Oak Cream White treS)

Shade 7870031<br>(Oak Cotton White treS)

Shade 7870031
(Oak Cotton White treS)

Shade 7870036<br>(Oak Cumin TreS)

Shade 7870036
(Oak Cumin TreS)

Shade 7870037<br>(Oak Praline TreS)

Shade 7870037
(Oak Praline TreS)

Shade 7870052<br>(Oak Misty Grey TreS)

Shade 7870052
(Oak Misty Grey TreS)

Shade 7870053<br>(Oak Stone Grey TreS)

Shade 7870053
(Oak Stone Grey TreS)

Shade 7870065<br>(Oak Evening Grey TreS)

Shade 7870065
(Oak Evening Grey TreS)

Shade 7876020 7876021 7876022<br>(Oak Antique White Plank)

Shade 7876020 7876021 7876022
(Oak Antique White Plank)

Shade 7876031 7876094<br>(Oak Satin White Plank)

Shade 7876031 7876094
(Oak Satin White Plank)

Shade 7876085<br>(Oak Misty Grey Plank)

Shade 7876085
(Oak Misty Grey Plank)

Shade 7876088<br>(Oak Stone Grey Plank)

Shade 7876088
(Oak Stone Grey Plank)

Shade 7877002 7877013 7877014<br>(Oak Antique White Plank XT)

Shade 7877002 7877013 7877014
(Oak Antique White Plank XT)

Shade 7877033 7877034<br>(Oak Cotton White Plank XT)

Shade 7877033 7877034
(Oak Cotton White Plank XT)

Shade 7877049<br>(Oak Cream White Plank XT)

Shade 7877049
(Oak Cream White Plank XT)

Shade 7877050<br>(Oak Essence Plank XT)

Shade 7877050
(Oak Essence Plank XT)

Shade 7878010<br>(Oak Soft Grey Plank)

Shade 7878010
(Oak Soft Grey Plank)

Shade 7964006<br>(Ash Melange TreS)

Shade 7964006
(Ash Melange TreS)

Shade 7965007<br>(Ash Pearl White TreS)

Shade 7965007
(Ash Pearl White TreS)

Shade 7965010<br>(Ash Linen White TreS)

Shade 7965010
(Ash Linen White TreS)

Shade 7967007<br>(Ash Pearl White Plank)

Shade 7967007
(Ash Pearl White Plank)

Shade 7965011<br>(Ash Ginger TreS)

Shade 7965011
(Ash Ginger TreS)

Shade 7967008 7967009<br>(Shade Ash Linen White Plank)

Shade 7967008 7967009
(Shade Ash Linen White Plank)

Shade 8727004<br>(Oak Cotton White DuoPlank)

Shade 8727004
(Oak Cotton White DuoPlank)

Shade 8727006<br>(Oak Stone Grey DuoPlank)

Shade 8727006
(Oak Stone Grey DuoPlank)

Shade 8727009<br>(Oak Essence DuoPlank)

Shade 8727009
(Oak Essence DuoPlank)

Shade 8727901<br>(Oak Cream White DuoPlank)

Shade 8727901
(Oak Cream White DuoPlank)

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