Heritage 41007001 41007009

Heritage 41007013
(Oak Blonde)

Heritage 7870066
(Oak Classic)

Heritage 41007004
(Oak Old Brown)

Heritage 41007005
(Oak Old Grey)

Heritage 41007007
(Oak Urban Grey)

Heritage 41007002
(Oak Lime Stone)

Heritage 41007014
(Oak Opal White)

Heritage 7870067
(Oak Chalk White)

Heritage introduces nature’s styling at its best – a genuinely rustic oak

Natural details that give floors a feeling of century-old patina.

Not so long ago, some oak raw materials were not considered to have the right look for flooring. Now, this rustic, grainy wood is sought after more than ever. And the larger the shape or depth of the cracks, knots and natural colour variations, the better! The wood grains are enhanced with brushing and staining to emphasize the beautiful details that make each plank unique.