Noble 7806008 (Oak Scandinavia)

Noble 7806009 (Oak Art Deco)

Noble 7806010 (Oak Wasa)

Noble 7806012 (Oak Soho)

Noble 7806013 (Oak Brodway)

Noble 7806014 (Oak Manhattan)

Noble 7806016 (Oak Chelsea)

Noble 7806017 (Oak Bronx)

Noble 7806903 (Oak Brooklyn)

Noble is a modular floor, inspired by the long tradition of classic parquet

Noble is a design that reinterprets a classic modular technique of the 1950s.
On top of a traditional laquer arrangement, it adds a brushing and hardwax oil finish for a fresh flooring approach.
Underfoot, it creates a surprising interplay of light that changes according to your position and perspective as the light falls in the
room. The result is an exciting dynamic between the floor and its surroundings, for an effect both timeless yet still on trend.