Agito 8002085 (Lyric)

Agito 8002090 (Brox)

Agito 8002095 (Zacko)

Agito 8002101 (Joz)

Agito 8002106 (Woop)

Agito 8002111 (Carpe)

Agito 8002117 (Haxter)

Agito 8002125 (Pam)

Agito 8002130 (Azor)

Agito 8002141 (Q)

Agito 8002144 (Sting)

Agito 8002155 (Nell)

Agito 8002167 (Corro)

Agito 8002172 (Rax)

Agito 8002193 (Gamber)

Agito 8002199 (Igloo)

Agito 8002203 (Vox)

Agito 8002212 (Flow)

Agito 8002216 (Crystal)

Agito 8002220 (Tano)

Agito 8002230 (Cyclone)



An innovative play system with flexible play functions that encourage movement and games – combining climbing walls, slides, balance bars and climbing nets. All Agito units are available in two colour options – blue or grey. Agito Aura is available for Corro, Crystal, Igloo, Q and Vox.

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