SPORTECĀ® Splash - Giga

SPORTECĀ® giga Bright Blue

SPORTECĀ® giga Bright Green

SPORTECĀ® giga Bright Yellow

SPORTECĀ® splash Bright Blue

SPORTECĀ® splash Bright Green

SPORTECĀ® splash Bright Orange

SPORTECĀ® splash Bright Red

SPORTECĀ® splash Bright Yellow

Top quality product offering a wealth of design options


SPORTEC® splash and SPORTEC® giga offer the same outstanding properties and application options as SPORTEC® color. Thanks to the incorporation of large and small EPDM colour granules, SPORTEC® splash floor covering are available in an even greater range of colours and finishes. SPORTEC® giga contains specially developed, extra-large colour granules for mesmerising colour effects. SPORTEC® splash and SPORTEC® giga make your rooms not only very attractive, but also safe and comfortable.
SPORTEC® splash and SPORTEC® giga can be perfectly combined for eye-catching room designs or the visual separation of designated areas.