Protectwall 1.5mm

Protectwall 26500003 (Tisse Light Grey)

Protectwall 26500004 (Tisse Grey)

Protectwall 26500005 (Tisse Warm Grey)

Protectwall 26500028 (Tisse Fresh Green)

Protectwall 26500029 (Tisse Light Acqua)

Protectwall 26500055 (Tisse Light Yellow)

Protectwall 26500056 (Tisse White Blue)

Protectwall 26500057 (Tisse Grey Beige)

Protectwall 26500036 (Uni Bright Orange)

Protectwall 26500037 (Uni Bright Yellow)

Protectwall 26500038 (Uni Green Celadon)

Protectwall 26500039 (Uni Bright Anis)

Protectwall 26500040 (Uni Bright Dark Turquoise)

Protectwall 26500041 (Uni Dark Grey)

Protectwall 26500042 (Uni Bright Extreme Blue)

Protectwall 26500043 (Uni Warm Grey)

Protectwall 26500044 (Uni Medium Grey)

Protectwall 26500045 (Uni Bright Red)

Protectwall 26500046 (Uni Bright Turquoise)

Protectwall 26500047 (Uni Intense Olive)

Protectwall 26500048 (Uni Bright Ice Blue)

Protectwall 26500049 (Uni White Blue)

Protectwall 26500050 (Uni Light Yellow)

Protectwall 26500051 (Uni Intense Plum)

Protectwall 26500132 (Uni White Grey)

Protectwall 26500122 (Uni Light beige)

Protectwall 26500060 (Uni Light Grey)

Protectwall 26500135 (Uni Dark Acqua)

Protectwall 26500134 (Uni Fresh Green)

Protectwall 26500221 (Uni Super White)

Protectwall 26500052 (Brushed Metal Copper)

Protectwall 26500053 (Brushed Metal Gold)

Protectwall 26500054 (Brushed Metal Silver)

Protectwall 26500058 (Concrete Cool Grey)

Protectwall 26500059 (Concrete Chalk)

Protectwall 26500064 (Marble Carrare)

Protectwall 26500065 (Transition Grey)

Protectwall 26500066 (Transition Blue Green)

Protectwall 26500067 (Transition Yellow Green)

Protectwall 26500068 (Jungle Tonic)

Protectwall 26500069 (Jungle Intense)

Protectwall 26500070 (Jungle Green Celadon)

Protectwall 26500071 (Jungle Fresh Green)

Protectwall 26500072 (Jungle Grey)

Protectwall 26500073 (Jungle Beige)

Designed for corridors and patient rooms in highly demanding environments, ProtectWALL 1.5 is a high-performance vinyl wall covering that protects walls against impacts, shocks, scratches, stains and chemicals. Flexible and easy-to-install (10 times fewer joint vs still plates), it helps to lower repair and maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls. It is treated with our Top Clean XP surface protection for easy cleaning.

ProtectWALL 1.5 is colour-coordinated with Tarkett’s Tapiflex, Acczent, iQ Granit, and iQ Optima ranges, creating home-like atmosphere to energetic places.

Last but not least, it is 100% phthalate free.

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