Welcome 833

Welcome 833 510017001 (Cabin Oak)

Welcome 833 510017002 (Cabin Oak Aged)

Welcome 833 510017003 (Samara Oak)

Welcome 833 510017004 (Patagonia Oak)

Welcome 833 510017005 (Nevada Oak Grey)

Welcome 833 510017006 (Nevada Oak)

Welcome 833 510017007 (Halifax Oak Sand)

Welcome 833 510017008 (Halifax

Welcome 833 510017009 (Mountain Oak)

With its reinforced construction, the Welcome 833 now offers optimal resistance alongside great decors. This collection is specially designed for retail and hospitality use. Welcome 833 Laminate floor planks come with the Plus Effect technology that reproduces the beautiful grain of natural wood. Made in Germany according to the highest standards, our laminate home floors are scuff, scratch and stain resistant thanks to their melamine protective layer. Welcome 833 click laminate flooring is easy and quick to install with the UNIFIT® system.