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HERADESIGN®. That’s what sustainable acoustics look like.


The demand for a positive environment that is worth living in is higher than ever before. This forms the blueprint for architects, planners and building owners all over the world. At HERADESIGN® it is our job to provide them with products for ceiling and wall installations that enable them to fulfil this challenge.

HERADESIGN® acoustic solutions reduce all disturbing background noise. Well, almost all, as there can be sources of noise that even we are powerless to control. Not all nuisances are obvious nor do they all result from noise. For a pleasant, positive room ambience it is not only important what we hear, but in particular what we feel.

HERADESIGN® has been dealing with the complexities of acoustics for decades. Besides the study of noise and acoustics, for us this means the development of sustainable, acoustically optimised solutions. Wood, water and magnesite are the principal components of HERADESIGN® acoustic panels – so they have a completely neutral biological footprint. They are high-class acoustic systems that excel through a unique, timeless design and a multitude of creative options. The high quality and ‘warm’ character of the wood wool structure makes our products unmistakable.

The main fields of application of the HERADESIGN® acoustic systems are education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.