Meteor 000 (Elegant Oak)

Meteor 001 (Elegant Oak)

Meteor 002 (Elegant Oak)

Meteor 003 (Elegant Oak)

Meteor 004 (Cliff Oak)

Meteor 005 (Cliff Oak)

Meteor 006 (Cliff Oak)

Meteor 007 (Cliff Oak)

Meteor 087 (Flber Wood)

Meteor 088 (Flber Wood)

Meteor 090 (Flber Wood)

Meteor 009 (Stylish Concrete)

Meteor 011 (Stylish Concrete)

Meteor 016 (Rock Mineral)

Meteor 017 (Rock Mineral)

Meteor 018 (Rock Mineral)

Meteor 014 (Fossil)

Meteor 012 (Fossil)

Discover the perfect practical & economical solution without compromising on design, comfort and performance. Meteor is a collection that provides a 0,55mm and a 0,70mm wear layer option with an 18 décor design offer in order to answer to design and comfort needs in both residential and semi-commercial applications. Ideally suited to Housing and Aged Care environments, Meteor offers a range with an « at home » feeling in a practical roll format for a hygienic and good value for money solution. Meteor 55 combines performance and comfort with 13dB impact sound reduction, while Meteor 70 with 7dB impact sound reduction.