Cadenza K1003
(Allegro Light)

Cadenza K1103
(Legato Light)

Cadenza K1207
(Allegro Natural)

Cadenza K1305
(Legato Light Natural)

Cadenza K1412
(Marcato Brown Natural)

Cadenza K1511
(Allegro Brown)

Cadenza K1613
(Allegro Dark Brown)

Cadenza K1713
(Legato Dark Brown)

Cadenza K1804
(Allegro Light Grey)

Cadenza K1910
(Legato Dark Grey)

Cadenza is the right choice for people looking for a beautiful and premium quality floor that is also wallet-size. This collection makes sure you can find a floor that fits your needs at an affordable price. Our select range includes 10 colours with subtle wood structures to suit any style.
Cadenza has everything you need to get started!