Woodstock PRO 833

Woodstock PRO 833 510034035 (Cabin Oak)

Woodstock PRO 833 510034036 (Mountain Oak)

Woodstock PRO 833 510034037 (Halifax Oak Sand)

Woodstock PRO 833 510034038 (Pale Oak)

Woodstock PRO 833 510034039 (Comfort Oak)

The best selling floor for high-traffic areas has just got even better. The Woodstock PRO 833’s reinforced structure now offers optimal resistance alongside with a selection of new designs. Two more reasons to consider the collection specially conceived for commercial usage, also suitable in homes or appartment for their most demanding families.
Woodstock PRO 833 Laminate floors are designed with the Plus Effect technology. Each plank is embossed-in-register to add lifelike traces and patterns that subtly catch the light. Manufactured in Germany, our floorings fulfill the highest standards with high resistance to scuff, scratch and stain thanks to their melamine protective layer. It also comes with a new user-friendly locking system that makes easy and fast to install.