Woodstock XL 1032

Woodstock XL 1032 510032029 (Woodford Oak)

Woodstock XL 1032 510032024 (Sierra Oak Sand)

Woodstock XL 1032 510032025 (Blacksmith Oak Natural)

Woodstock XL 1032 510032026 (Blacksmith Oak Aged)

Woodstock XL 1032 510032027 (Garonne Oak)

Woodstock XL 1032 510032028 (Blacksmith Oak Smoked)

Woodstock XL 1032 51003203 (Saverne Oak)

Great design needs space to reveal itself in all its beauty, which why our Woodstock XL range is generously proportioned. This collection stands out for its choice of ultralong boards, while the extra-wide Bigfoot, Chevron & Patchwork designs herald a new generation of Laminate floors. Some Woodstock XL 1032 Laminate floors are designed with the Plus Effect technology. Each plank is embossed-in-register to add lifelike traces and patterns that subtly catch the light.

Manufactured in Germany, our floorings fulfill the highest standards with high resistance to scuff, scratch and stain thanks to their melamine protective layer. It also comes with a new user-friendly locking system that makes easy and fast to install.