Cover Skirtings

Wallstyl CF1

Wallstyl CF2

Wallstyl CF2S

Wallstyl CF3

Mardom MD005

Mardom MD006

Simplify a renovation with the 100% recyclable WALLSTYL® cover skirtings. A project becomes faster and more efficient with the ability to conceal old or damaged existing skirtings (ex. ceramic or wood). Long term benefits include protecting walls from the impact and dirtying of busy spaces, as the skirtings are made of water and impact resistant material that is both lightweight and durable.

The functional advantages include the ability to discreetly cover wiring and not needing to remove original tiles, avoiding potential damage to the wall.

The WALLSTYL® cover skirtings are fast to install and just require painting. They provide a harmonious transition between wall and flooring. Their simplistic and stylish design is ideal for many homes and businesses.