Lighting Skirtings

Wallstyl IL10

Wallstyl IL11a

Wallstyl IL11b

Mardom QL007

Mardom QL008

Mardom QL014

Prolight Metal 88

Prolight Metal 89

The different application possibilities of lighting can transform the look and feel of a space. Skirtings with indirect LED lighting create a soft and pleasant atmosphere, while making a room appear larger. They have a modern and linear design which adds style and dimension to an interior.

LED lighting requires minimal operating and maintenance costs. Fixing the LED lighting to the skirtings is simple, as there is a groove to install the LED strips. There is also a small space behind the skirting to conceal additional wiring or imperfect cracks and transitions.

In addition to the visual benefits, the skirtings protect walls from impact, scuff marks and damage. They are made of durable materials that are impact and moisture resistant, something that among the multiple application possibilities, makes them a perfect lighting source in modern bathrooms, spas or bars.