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A complete color coordinated range to answer all your needs

A common complaint from end-users concerns noise pollution from adjacent premises. Better sound comfort is a frequent requirement. Bad flooring conditions can also lead to strain on people’s bodies. Today, a good indoor environment includes sound comfort and walking comfort.
iQ Optima Acoustic is a special floorcovering for extra comfort and good impact sound values. It increases comfort underfoot and greatly reduces sound transmission by 16dB, making it the perfect choice for school corridors, retirement facilities or other health care areas where noise reduction is required.
The flooring material has a foam interlayer to reduce sound transmission. The interlayer also absorbs shocks, which reduces the strain on people’s joints and backs.
iQ Optima Acoustic is available in 12 colourways from the iQ Optima range. It offers the same great advantages as iQ Optima, in terms of wear resistance, low maintenance and life cycle cost. Architects and designers can create total solutions in which acoustically demanding and other areas harmonise without compromising on performance.

  • 16dB sound reduction and comfort underfoot
  • 12 colourways from the iQ Optima range
  • iQ Unique self regenerating properties
  • Best life cycle costs on the market
  • VOC below quantifiable level and phthalate free
  • 100% recyclable