At the core of ELNIA’s corporate identity lies an ethical responsibility to our customers, to society and to ourselves, to provide goods and services in a viable, sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Our sense of integrity and our unwavering respect for the environment, underline our everyday struggle to provide what our customers value and our world needs, creating safe and healthy living and working spaces in the process. Our pledge to only work with and promote partners that have eco-consciousness at heart, while offering nothing shy of the best to our clients, lies on the following three pillars: 

Our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) accolade provides an operational framework within which we can accomplish our eco-goals. Specifically, there is a system in place which allows us to assume a holistic approach to recycling (material packaging, electronics, end-of-life recycling) while, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have gone to great lengths to minimize our energy needs. At the same time, we have also heavily invested in the production of sustainable energy through the use of photovoltaic elements. Additionally, as members of Green Dot, we are actively contributing in the Collective Compliance System for packaging materials in Cyprus, thus helping in raising public eco-awareness. Lastly, our Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) accreditation, which is awarded by the relevant European body after making sure we have adhered to the strictest environmental guidelines, provides us with the proper tools which allow us to evaluate, report and improve our environmental performance.  

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety management: This international standard enables us to adopt the best health and safety practices, which consequently allow us to identify and control possible workplace risks. Our staff is trained on a series of issues such as first aid and fire safety, ensuring an OHS policy which goes a long way to improve employee and customer safety, reducing at the same time the possibility of workplace accidents, by adopting an approach which is proactive rather than reactive. Fully complying with all national and European health and safety legislations, ELNIA continuously strives to create better and safer working conditions for all. 

Quality System Certificate of Conformity (ISO 9001): This certification ensures that our customers always get the best possible products and services. This is a promise which is controlled by the ISO 9001, the most effective quality management system in place today. It is the guarantee we provide our customers of our competitive ability to provide them with nothing short of the best, all the while underlying our professional approach and commitment. This accreditation allows us to say with confidence that all specified criteria relating to the quality of the product or service we offer, are met in the best possible way.